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Customer Reviews

Isaac Alexander

After a long time, I found myself longing for a good night’s sleep, it was then I started my research and looked at various brands and started comparing the comfort level, price, ease of transportation etc. I landed on the Peps mattress section and was happy to find better reviews with pictures and feedback. I got a mattress according to our needs. It’s totally worth it. Peaceful sleep. No body pains. I wake up straight in the morning. I don’t twist or turn on the bed to get into sleep.

Adeline Babu

5/5. Absolutely no complaints, the mattress has a very good balance of firm and softness for comfort feeling as well as good body posture. I’ve used a lot of mattresses, and this is by far the best amongst many. Placed the order through customer service and the agent was very professional and helpful, ensured the dimensions & details provided are correct before the delivery, and handled everything from start to finish. The delivery was very prompt. Would recommend it to everyone.

Kumar K

One thing positive about peps is the professional guidance from the customer care. They listen to the buyer and suggest the best option and gives the best pricing offer. So far, I bought 5 mattresses at different point on time. The oldest one I bought is 3 years back. No damages so far.

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